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#usyd #universityofsydney


    #usyd #universityofsydney

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sem título / untitled
nanquim azul sobre papel / blue nankeen on paper


    sem título / untitled

    nanquim azul sobre papel / blue nankeen on paper


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20 day shinee challenge        day nine: favorite music video / sherlock
    20 day shinee challenge
            day nine: favorite music video / sherlock
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    Minho asked out Jinki's twin brother but...


    Minho asked out Jinki’s twin brother, but he’s beginning to think he’s made a huge mistake.

    He breaks the news over the crumb-speckled Formica tabletop in the university cafeteria. Jonghyun and his ever-present roommate, that beacon of sarcasm in bottle-blond packaging, are looking at him like he’s grown a second head. That’s when the nervous sweats break in. Minho’s missing something important again. He knows that look.

    "Minho," Jonghyun says slowly, "who exactly are you talking about?"

    "I— Jinki’s twin. The cute one. I asked him out for coffee."

    He flounders around his chicken and rice, trying to swallow and control his breathing at the same time. Kibum’s got a knowing look on his face and if this is another one of those "He was arrested for streaking last year" or "He grows experimental fungi in his dorm room" moments, Minho’s going to punch himself. This one is actually fantastic. He’s cute— maybe not cute, actually. Jinki’s cute; his twin is the sexy one. And Minho likes that. Just as he likes the ripped jeans and the arm muscles and the sweet smile he’d worn when he said yes to coffees and record shopping. Minho hasn’t had a date in almost a year. He needs this one to work out.

    Jonghyun sets his sandwich down slowly with enough concern in his eyebrows to make Minho grimace preemptively. “Jinki doesn’t have a twin, man. I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s an only child.”

    "What? Of course he has a twin. I didn’t ask out some random." Oh shit, Minho thinks. I did. I asked out a doppelganger and he’s a serial killer.

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